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Krauthammer’s Take: North Korea Hack Could Be Harbinger of ‘Catastrophe on a Pearl Harbor Scale’

On Thursday’s Special Report, Charles Krauthammer said Sony Pictures made a bad choice to scrap the release of The Interview, a comedy film in which a journalist set to interview Kim Jong-un is asked by the CIA to assassinate the North Korean dictator.

“I think this is not sort of rocket science, Sony made exactly the wrong decision,” Krauthammer said. “What you do is . . . you put it out on the Internet for free. So it’s a gesture, but also it doubly screws over Pyongyang.”

More people might view the movie online than would ever have watched it in theaters, he pointed out.

If hacks similar to the one that forced Sony’s hand were carried out against other facets of society, Krauthammer warned, America could experience “a catastrophe on a Pearl Harbor scale.”

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