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Krauthammer’s Take: Nothing Trump Says ‘Can Ever Be Used Against Him’

Tonight Charles Krauthammer expressed bewilderment at Donald Trump’s ability to contradict himself without consequence, and praised Ted Cruz for avoiding a last-minute conversion on ethanol.

“I think the last six months have shown that nothing that Trump has ever said in the past, even in the present, can ever be used against him,” Krauthammer said on Wednesday’s Special Report. “Because for some reason, he is immune to the laws of contradiction. To take a trivial example, in the last debate he said, ‘I promise Ted’ — he brought up of course the Canadian citizenship — he said, ‘I’m protecting you against what the Democrats will do, I promise’ — he used the word ‘promise’ — ‘I will never sue over this.’ And then what, three days later at a rally, he said, ‘I might just sue.’”

“I mean those laws don’t apply,” Krauthammer continued. “I do give Cruz credit for sticking to his guns. On ethanol. Just about every candidate ever has caved or trimmed or shifted on ethanol.”

But he also warned Cruz’s opposition to ethanol subsidies will hurt his chances in Iowa:

But I do think actually it’s going to hurt him. It cost him the support of the longest-serving governor in the country who is rather popular in Iowa, who specifically singled him out, that Republicans should oppose him. But and I do think there this is where he’s got to make his stand in Iowa. Because if he doesn’t win in Iowa, I think it will be a real damaging blow.

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