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From Friday’s Fox News All-Stars.

On the administration’s jobs numbers:

A little skepticism here is in order. The official number announced by the White House for jobs saved is 640,329. Not 28. Not 27 — 329.

This is what you call comical precision. When an economist uses a decimal point it is a way of showing that he has a sense of humor. These people have a sense of humor.

Here is what I want to know. Who is Mr. 329? Where does he live? What is his name? What does he do? Is he perhaps from Ouzinkie, Alaska, population 170, on which the stimulus sprinkled $14.7 million — think of what you and I could do with that, Jim — in order to refurbish an airport that has a flight-and-a-half a day. Population 170. Your tax dollars at work.

In fact, if there are any jobs saved, it is because we bailed out a lot of extravagant, profligate states that were bankrupt and heavily overspent, particularly states that are controlled by unions.

We bailed them out so that the frugal states, like Texas and others that had a balanced budget — the citizens of Texas are subsidizing, through Washington, the states that heavily overspent in the good years and are running out of money.

…When the administration speaks about saved jobs, all the numbers are invented. But we have two hard numbers that are not invented — unemployment, almost at 10 percent, and we know the stimulus has created $1 trillion dollars of debt which is going to have to be repaid.

It’s not speculative. It is a hard number. We will have to either raise taxes or inflate our way out of this in the future.

On Obama’s constant campaigning:

I want him out there [campaigning] all the time. The less governing he does and more campaigning he does, the better it is for the country.

He is the best we have ever had out there in speeches. He dazzles. He is mesmerizing. Coeds swoon when he speaks. Let the governing be [contracted out] into the hands of a John McCain. He can do foreign affairs and budget cutting. It will be a great Adam Smith division of labor.

On Iran scrapping its uranium enrichment “deal”:

Look, this is beyond a debacle. This is a humiliation. Obama offered them a deal in which the uranium was shipped out. And they said, no, no, we will keep our uranium. You will give us new highly enriched are uranium and we will be happy. Of course, it undermined everything.

And worse, in the original offer, which is now rejected, we conceded the legitimacy of Iran’s enriching uranium in the first place, which, for six years all of us in Europe and the U.N. had opposed and had passed U.N. resolutions against. So the Iranians have gained legitimacy for illegal enrichment.

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