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From Friday’s Fox News All-Stars.

On Carl Levin’s statement that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed “should and will be treated as the common terrorist criminal that he is”:

That’s a contradiction in itself. Either he is a terrorist or criminal. A criminal ends in U.S. court, if you’re a burglar or murderer. If you are a terrorist, you are engaged in war against the United States and you ought to be treated as a combatant, or in his case, an illegal combatant.

This makes no sense at all. Holder is telling us he wants to uphold the high standards of justice, but he’s guaranteeing a conviction in advance. Well, that’s a hell of a way to do it.

And secondly, he knows it is going to be a show trial. Do you think that if by some reason, and it is quite possible, that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed either is acquitted or you have a hung jury, we’re going to let him walk out on the streets of Manhattan? Of course not. We’re going to re-arrest him in a minute.

He will spend the rest of his natural life, as judges like to say, in an American detention facility somewhere, guaranteed.

This is all show, and it’s going to be a show trial which the terrorists will conduct against us: (a) against the Bush administration, and its methods, and (b) it’s going to be the second half of the terror attack. The first half is you attack and you kill. You become notorious and you cause pain and sensation. … [The second half is] we bring the guy who did this [Khalid Sheikh Mohammed] into the heart of the United States, put him on a stage on which he can proclaim his reasoning.

On the timing of an Israeli strike against the Iranian nuclear program:

It will happen on April the 6th at 2:00 in the afternoon, Middle Eastern time.

Look, it’s going to happen when the Obama administration admits that it’s been played with by the Iranians… sustaining humiliation after humiliation: having his uranium enrichment scheme rejected, the arrest of the three hikers and putting them on trial, and the Iranian weapons captured by Israel on the way to Hezbollah, all of this — it appears as if Obama has infinite patience, so it looks as if he will never admit he has been humiliated.

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