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On Bart Stupak’s assertion that Henry Waxman told him in conversation that he wanted the health-care bill to fund abortions:

I think the dispute with Stupak and Waxman is not a misunderstanding. I think for Stupak and company it’s a betrayal, because, remember, the bill in the House passed only by five votes. We wouldn’t be anywhere near here — health care would be dead — had it not passed in the House last year.

How did they acquire the votes? By having the Stupak amendment included in the House bill.

On Republicans running in the fall elections on the promise of repealing Obamacare:

It will be a good issue, I think, for them. But it is impractical. It can’t happen in 2010. The president would veto it. They are not going to have a two-thirds majority. In fact, in the Senate, even if everything is going their way, [the Republicans] might get 51. They are not going to get 60.

On the recent acknowledgements by liberals that Iraq may very well end up a success:

When liberals declared the war lost in ‘06, they were wrong. When they declare the war won now, they are also wrong.

Yes, the question of democracy in Iraq has always been an open one. I have always hoped it would happen. We are closer now than ever. However, it’s not a done deal. It depends on the outcome of this election and whether they are able to establish a stable government.

Remember, after the election of ‘05, it took 156 days until a government was formed and that created a lot of instability.

On speculation that Rahm Emanuel will be shown the door:

I disagree. I think his career was on the skids when you had all the stories in the Washington Post about how smart he was and how much of a dummy the boss was. But I think he has been revived by Eric Massa. Any guy who does an Eastern Promises-like, steam-room knockdown of another congressman — in the full monty — deserves respect.

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