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On U.S. efforts to get sanctions on Iran at the U.N.:

It’s late in the day. This administration has wasted a year and three months in what it says is a strategy of concessions — open outreach — as a way to strengthen the  alliance [to curb Iran] and to strengthen the consensus [for stopping its nuclear program].

The president announces, he said today, that — even after a year and three months — he doesn’t even have unanimity in the Security Council. He has got nothing. . . .

And there is one other aspect of this unseriousness. What we’re going to get with sanctions — at most — is China’s acquiescence to what [a U.N.-imposed sanctions regime] ultimately is not going to be effective.

But it . . . will be permissive in the sense [that] it’s not going to be China applying any sanctions — it will not — but it will allow us and the Europe to impose our own unilateral sanctions. What kind of idiocy is this? Why do we need China to give us permission to impose sanctions on a regime that is threatening us, the region, and our allies? . . .  We’ve been waiting a year and three months to get a permission slip from China for the U.S. and Europe to engage in their own unilateral sanctions?

On the growing number of corporations announcing that they will have to take write-downs because of Obamacare:

That’s what’s amazing here. Democrats enact Obamacare with a zillion new taxes and then are shocked — shocked — when corporations disclose what it’s going to cost them.

As the Wall Street Journal pointed out, financial regulations require — require — that a company immediately restate its earnings when there is a change in the status of the present value of its medical liabilities, which is what these guys have done. If you don’t, you go to jail.

Now, what’s troubling here is not that the administration is only trying to get companies to . . . hide the fact that [Obamacare] is going to cost, [that] it’s not a free lunch as it has been pretending — but it’s the attitude of the Democrats in Washington. It [Washington] takes over businesses: Chrysler, G.M. it takes over student loans, it nationalizes it [the student loan business] without a debate at all. And then there is also this attitude that Chairman Waxman will call on the carpet a corporation CEO to explain its actions as if corporations aren’t independent entities who produce a product to make a profit but agents or wards of the government who have to answer for every action.

It’s the kind of corporatism you see in Europe.

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