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Krauthammer’s Take

On what the midterm elections will look like:

I think the state of the economy sets the frame. But it isn’t the major issue, because neither side really has an answer on the economy. And nobody believes the government will do something magical that will reduce unemployment.…

The issue that rouses the most enthusiasm [is the one] that propelled the Republican success in Massachusetts. And that is the narrative of the Obama administration and the very liberal House and Senate leadership propelling America into huge amounts of debt, high taxes, which will be inevitable, and a great increase in size, reach, the scope of government. That is the narrative.

And all the elements are there: Stimulus, the takeover of autos with the sweetheart deals that the unions got, the takeover of student loans that was never even debated, and of course, the big one — the takeover of health care.

And if Democrats think the small improvements that people will see on health care — children having protection against preexisting conditions — is going to help them, I think it’s not. The bigger issue is the incredible amount of debt that a new entitlement will bring on. That is the big issue.

If the Republicans can make a coherent case, they will win big.

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