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On the Arizona immigration law as a response to increased kidnappings, cross-border killings, and drug-trafficking:

And the reason is that the feds have not done what they are required to do to secure the border. When Napolitano says it’s the best level of security ever — did you hear in that sound bite she said we are throwing the most resources at it?

It’s a typical liberal assessing the policy on the amount of stuff on the inputs into it, rather than on the results and the output. Output is kidnappings, murder, mayhem, fear at the border.

When the president says as he said today that the reason all this is happening is because the federal government has not acted, he’s right about that. But he’s completely wrong in implying, as he does, that a solution is what he’s going to advocate, which is amnesty. Amnesty is exactly the wrong answer. . . .

What the feds ought to do is not amnesty, [but] secure the border. And here, I cannot understand — I have never heard a coherent argument against a fence across the border. On the parts in which a fence already exists, there has been a huge decrease in illegal immigration.

Of course there’s always going to be a person or two who gets across. But a fence all across the border would turn a river of illegal immigrants into a trickle, and that would change the whole country.

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