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From Friday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On President Obama’s tough talk on BP and the other companies implicated in the oil leak in the Gulf:

There’s something rather contradictory [that] he seemed unaware of in attacking the oil executives for blaming each other when his entire speech was laying the blame on everybody, of course, except himself.

Now he did say at one point, of course, the federal government also is responsible, and then what did he immediately say after that? The problem has been in the federal government for, oh, about a decade. Well, who does that mean? That means George W., of course . . .

And then he said the Secretary of the Interior Salazar has been working on this from the very beginning of this administration. Well, if he has, he hasn’t really done anything. Clearly eleven days before the blowout, his department had given an environmental waiver to BP.

I don’t attack the Interior Department for doing that. It couldn’t have predicted [the blowout].

But for the president, as always, to hover above it, above the issue and the problem and to hurl Zeusian bolts from above at everybody except himself is really un-presidential.

On why the administration has not made a big deal of Iran’s assistance to al-Qaeda:

It’s because this administration has no intention of doing anything significant about Iran and thus it doesn’t want to make Iran an issue because it’ll [the administration will] look more weak than it is.

The myth is always that Iran is Shiite, [therefore] it is not going to cooperate with al-Qaeda, which is Sunni. That has always been silly because Iran is the prime sponsor of Hamas, which is Sunni — it arms and funds it and it never had ideological or religious objections. It finds allies where it can, and al-Qaeda is an excellent ally in attacking the Great Satan.

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