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Krauthammer’s Take

From Wednesday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s criticism of the Arizona immigration law:

Well, I’m sort of offended when the president of Mexico says, criticizing the Arizona law: ‘It’s placing our people in the face of discrimination.’ If they’re his people, what are they doing in the United States? If they’re his people, why did they leave Mexico, abandon his country, to live under the jurisdiction and the laws of the United States?

On whether Krauthammer was in black tie for the White House state dinner after the show:

No. I had thought about crashing it. … And if I was caught, I would say that — my defense would be that — I’m simply an undocumented guest, I’m not illegal.

On Arlen Specter’s defeat in Pennsylvania’s Democratic primary to Joe Sestak:

I think it’s very simple explaining that election. Specter demonstrated the limits of political opportunism — even by senatorial standards . . .

On Democrats’ retention of John Murtha’s old seat:

I think it’s reminiscent of what happened in New York-23 in the elections last November, where Republicans swept in Virginia and they swept in New Jersey statewide races. But the one race they lost was a House race, which was localized. The issues were localized.

Here again, across the board, it was a good night last night for Republicans, but this House race. . .demonstrated that if you run in your district on local issues, you stay close to the ground, you stay away from nationalizing an election and stay away from Obama and Pelosi and the Democratic agenda in Congress, you have a chance.

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