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From Wednesday’s Fox All-Stars.

On whether Attorney General Holder will join the other lawsuits against the Arizona law:

I think so.

The administration is driving all of this [the Arizona immigration story] because it is looking at the midterm election and its strategy is a base strategy. It will get slaughtered, otherwise; it has to hold its base.

That would explain a couple of other interesting and odd developments this week:

[First,] you get the concentration on Hispanics, the relentless story every day from the White House or Justice Department on the Arizona law.

Secondly, a surprise announcement today that the Israeli prime minister will be [visiting] the White House next week. Well, that’s because of the huge disaffection and pushback from Jewish Democrats over insulting treatment of Israel and the prime minister by the administration earlier.

And third, the odd announcement earlier in the week that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” — the deal had been we would wait until December until the military study is completed on this, [but] it is now going to be pushed to the next day or week to [a] vote in the House and Senate…

It’s three [Democratic] constituencies: gays, Hispanics, and Jews. It used to be said — the president before an election had to go to Ireland, Israel and Italy. Well, now it’s Jews, Hispanics, and gays if you are going into a midterm election, [and for Democrats] it looks real bad.

On the fact that the polls indicate overwhelming support for the Arizona law:

That is why it’s a double-edged strategy. But if you are way behind, as the Democrats are, and scared to death about November, and you think in a low turnout election, which is a midterm election, if you hold the base, at least you will avert a calamity, you will go for the base and sacrifice, as you say, the majority who now support the Arizona law.

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