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From Friday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On the White House counsel’s memorandum on the Sestak controversy:

I found the statement from the White House just unbelievably lawyerly and, I must say, deceptive. Look at the things that it hides inside.

It says that options were raised– look how they use the passive [verb construction] – “for Executive Branch service.” Now, that could be a paid or unpaid job.

The next sentence then speaks about unpaid [appointment] to give the impression that the only offer was unpaid. But it doesn’t say [that explicitly]. They need to be asked, was he ever offered a paid job? That is not denied explicitly in here.

Number two, the only offer that we’ve heard about — [which] Sestak has talked about – [is] a phone call from President Clinton. But this is what the White House statement says: Efforts were made in June and July of 2009 to determine whether Sestak would be interested in appointed service.

I’ve never heard of a phone call that lasts two months. Obviously there were either other efforts [either] by Clinton — according to the White House, not me — or by others if this was a two-month effort. Who were the others who made the offers, what were the offers and were any of them non-paid?

The other questions are: Why did the White House contact the brother of Sestak yesterday? Did they say [it was] a heads up? It could also be obstruction, working out stories. And what was the conversation like between Obama and Clinton yesterday morning? — just by accident, perhaps, a day before the Clintonian [Sestak] story.

On Krauthammer winning the online poll to choose a Lightning Round topic:

Once again, I’m humbled. But I want to say that the rumors that I was offered a job to drop out of the wild card race are just rumors.

Just rumors. My people will be issuing a statement shortly.

I want to assure you that nothing improper happened.

On what the U.S. should do about the sinking of the South Korean navy ship by North Korea:

U. N. action is useless. We have two things we can do. Pass immediately the trade agreement with South Korea, secondly put North Korea on the terrorism list.

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