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From Monday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On the murder of U.S. medical aid workers in Afghanistan:

The core of this was Christianity — it was the Christian nature of the mission. As the statement taking credit said, they were carrying bibles, which is enough for them to massacre you.

These [aid workers] were admirable, generous, humane people. They were killed because of their religion. We tend to overlook the fact that this, from the enemy’s perspective, is a war about religion. It’s not about Iraq or imperialism, it’s not about Palestine. It’s about the most extreme, nihilistic religious fanaticism which will destroy or kill anything it is able to.

Look, these are the people who six months before 9/11 went into the desert and destroyed two of the most magnificent Buddhist structures in the world. This is purely an act of destroying the Other. There was an attack on July 1 on a Sufi shrine [in Pakistan].

And that’s who they are. … It’s a religious war in their perspective, and we have to remember that.

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