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Krauthammer’s Take

From Tuesday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On Rod Blagojevich’s post-verdict remarks:

That’s why we love the guy. That was a hell of a speech. I thought he was going to declare his candidacy for the governorship of Illinois, start all over again. He talked about [how this case is] larger than me, it’s about the freedom of the American people.

And I love that part about the kids in the streets who are being attacked by gunmen while he’s being attacked by a prosecutor.

I think this is an embarrassment to Patrick Fitzgerald, the guy who prosecuted him. It’s a huge embarrassment because he said it was a crime spree. You get one count of lying to the FBI, which is, relatively speaking, a minor count [compared with the others].

All the others: the bribery charges, selling the office, extortion, all that — all gone, or at least hung juried. He says they’ll prosecute again, perhaps. …

Blagojevich comes out of it I think, [if] not vindicated, everybody understands that he’s a guy who walked the line, who walked the edge a lot. But I suspect people will conclude that given the state of politics in that state, he was not that far over the line.

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