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From Monday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On Christine O’Donnell’s primary challenge to Mike Castle in Delaware:

The Palin endorsement I think is destructive and capricious. Bill Buckley had a rule that he always supported the most conservative candidate who was electable, otherwise the vote is simply self-indulgence.

On Jim DeMint’s endorsement of O’Donnell:

Equally capricious and irresponsible. I’m not sexist on this. It’s a big mistake. Mike Castle is a shoo-in. He wins — they call off the fight in the first round. O’Donnell is very problematic. She probably will lose.

Now, we are in a cycle where we have seen that this is not a normal Democratic administration. It’s highly ideological. It’s instituted changes over the last 18 months that are structural — and some of them irreversible, like Obamacare — and it will try to do the same in the next two years or six.

If you’re a Republican and you’re a conservative, you want a majority in the Senate that will stop that agenda and you have to elect the most electable. Delaware is not Alaska. In Alaska you can endorse a Joe Miller, who’s going to win anyway, even though he’s more conservative. In Delaware, O’Donnell is going to lose, and that – that could be the difference between Republican and Democratic control, and make a difference about the Obama agenda in the future.

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