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Krauthammer’s Take

From Tuesday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On the increase in drone strikes in Pakistan:

Well, I think there’s several reasons why there’s been this escalation. Number one, we heard from Holbrooke, is a tactical one. If you have an opportunity with the bridges washed out, there isn’t the mobility, these guys can’t escape … you hit ’em.

Secondly, we saw all this, all these scares in France, England and Germany. There is a lot of indication of near-imminent (or at least in the works) attacks within Europe, and by the fact that they’re protecting the Eiffel Tower, obviously, this would indicate something large — hitting iconic targets — and apparently it’s emanating out of Pakistan. That would be a second reason.

And the third is, actually, there’s a war on in Afghanistan. We are now beginning the phase where we are trying to retake Kandahar, and the hinterland for the people who control Kandahar and that area, obviously, is in Pakistan. And we are hitting the sanctuaries ….

It looks like it’s a coordination with the land war happening in Kandahar and southern Afghanistan, so I think it makes a lot of tactical and strategic sense.

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