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From Wednesday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On President Obama’s interview with Peter Baker of the New York Times, in which he said “there’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects”: 

Well, that is quite an admission. A year and a half and half a trillion dollars later he says: Well, these things that I talked about endlessly don’t exist. It’s not actually surprising that he doesn’t know a shovel-ready project didn’t exist, because having never worked in the private sector he wouldn’t be sure what a project is and there isn’t a lot of shoveling at Harvard Law School. …The other admission I think is even worse. The one in which he says he ended up looking like a “tax-and-spend [liberal] Democrat.” Obama and his staff really think this is all about appearances and communication. That he isn’t really a tax-and-spend Democrat, but he didn’t communicate it or, as the vice president said today, it’s too hard to explain it, meaning that the American electorate is too thick to understand it.

He is a tax-and-spend Democrat. He spent a trillion dollars — and we’re going to have to borrow or tax it — on the stimulus. He‘s going to spend $2 trillion to $3 trillion on health care — we’ll borrow or tax it. Cap-and-trade is spending that you’re going to have to [tax for]. That’s [a tax-and-spend Democrat] what he is. That’s why the electorate is against him. It’s not appearances. It’s substance.

On Democrats expressing concern that Obama is already writing them off in terms of the midterm elections:

He just cut ’em adrift and he’s standing on the shore waving as they disappear over the horizon.

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