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Krauthammer’s Take

From Monday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On the Republican House’s impending vote to repeal Obamacare:

I don’t think Democrats are delighted to engage in this debate. If there was a lesson from the midterm elections, it was that if you’re on the wrong side of health-care reform — i.e., if you supported it — and you weren’t in a very safe Democratic district, you had a problem on your hands.

There’s a reason that Democrats wanted to end debate in June of ’09 and November of ’09 and March of ’10. They wanted it behind them. And they had the illusion that once it had occurred and it was law, it would be dead as an issue.

The Republicans want to pass this [repeal] and they should as soon as possible, meaning next week, to set the predicate for the 2012 election. Health-care reform is not an incidental piece of symbolism, it’s a sixth of the U.S. economy, and it’s probably the one area where the government meets the individual at the most intimate level

And it [Obamacare] is extremely unpopular. One of the reasons that Clinton won reelection in ’96 after his debacle in the midterms was because Hillarycare had failed, so he didn’t have the millstone around him in the run-up to his reelection.

For Obama unfortunately, at least from a political perspective, it [his health-care reform] passed, which means he has to defend it and Democrats have to defend it for another two years. It is increasingly unpopular and it is exactly the kind of debate [Republicans] want to have — in and of itself, and because it’s a symbol of this huge expansion of government that Democrats have undertaken.

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