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From Wednesday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On the harder line on human rights the Obama administration says it’s taking with China:

Here he [Obama] is honoring a man that is keeping in prison… the Nobel [Peace] Prize winner. And you hear the words of the Chinese president [on human rights], and you hear essentially nothing, offering nothing.

This is not just a mere engagement. This is honoring China with a state visit. That is very rare. Obama has only done it [offered a state visit] for Mexico, India, and now China. Not Canada, and not Britain and not any of our strong allies in the world, not Japan. And for the Chinese who are rising have-not power, who … crave recognition and prestige — for them it’s extremely important.

So you have to ask, what exactly has Obama received in return for this? The answer is nothing. Nothing on human rights. What exactly has he received on the issue of the valuation of the currency or the theft of intellectual property? Nothing.

What has he gotten on Iran, where China has consistently tried thwart our sanctions or dilute them? And what has he gotten on North Korea where China has undermined all of our efforts? Today there was an announcement of a $2 billion deal between a company in China and North Korea which is starving for any commerce, any income, any money.

China has done exactly what it wants. The quid pro quo here as far as I can see is zero.

And you have to ask yourself: Why is this president consistently engaging with the nations who in return give us nothing? Why he is returning our ambassador to Syria? Why did he give [a personal visit of] three days in Turkey, a country aligned with Iran against us.

Engagement, engagement everywhere — engaging Iran, as well. And for what in return?

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