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From Monday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On the unrest in Libya:

The distinction [between] Libya and Egypt is a very important one. There are regimes in the region starting with Libya, Syria, Iran, and, of course, Saddam’s Iraq which were of the utmost brutality and savagery. In comparison with those, the pro-American dictatorships like in Tunisia, or in Egypt, are boy scouts.

Mubarak spoke plaintively, paternalistically, really sort of delusionally — ‘I am your father, I’m with you in the streets — but he would not conduct the kind of massacres [happening in Libya], [having] helicopter gunships shooting on the crowds. He [Mubarak] sent a couple of guys on camels and horses with whips. That’s a different order of magnitude from these people who will slaughter in the thousands, as happened in Iran, in Syria.

And I think that’s a distinction that we ought to keep in mind. There are dictatorships and then there are the places run like Caligula, and those are the ones that we really have to condemn. I am shocked by the toothlessness of that statement by the State Department. …

And in Egypt we said openly ‘We support the people’s aspiration.’ There’s none of that in our statement in Libya.

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