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From Friday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On the images of devastation coming out of Japan:

They reflect one number: 8.9. That is a staggering number. As the Japanese ambassador said, the last bad earthquake was 1923, which was 7.9, which means this one was ten times as powerful. And it’s a highly developed country.

The earthquake happened very near shore. A tsunami travels at ten miles a [minute]. The Japanese are extremely experienced at this but they had no time to prepare. That’s why the devastation was so unbelievable.

On the potential danger from the damaged Japanese nuclear reactors:

It’s a terrible potential. If you get a meltdown, of course, there is a catastrophe for the region.

But also every 20 years we say let’s try again with nuclear energy, it’s clean energy — it doesn’t put stuff into the atmosphere. [Now] if you get a “China Syndrome” as in 1979 … it could put the nuclear [industry] out of business for decades.

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