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From Friday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On the latest unemployment figures:

The president blamed it on Europe, on Greece, on natural disasters… the reason that the economy has stalled is not acts of God. It’s acts of government — his government.

The earnings report season starts next week. The estimate is that it’ll show an increase in profits year-over-year of about 15 percent for private corporations. All the money is sitting on the sideline. And the reason is acts of government. It’s the overregulation — the Dodd-Frank financial regulation, EPA, and now the National Labor Relations Board. And of course, the uncertainty over Obamacare and taxes.

That’s why all the money is sitting on the sidelines. That’s why corporate profits are good and nobody’s hiring.

On David Plouffe’s statement that the typical American voter “does not view the economy through the prism of GDP or unemployment rates or even monthly jobs numbers”:

The way I heard it was, ‘The gun- and the God-clingers don’t read.’ This is pure Obama condescension. ‘Numbers are stuff that we hear in the White House, we intellectuals, we in the political class — observe, talk about, and read. But that’s, you know, abstract. All that ordinary people care about is what’s happening in their home.’

On NASA’s final space shuttle launch:

The manned space program is dead. The problem isn’t the end of the shuttle. It was never a good idea. It was going to be ended whoever was in the administration.

The problem is that Obama has canceled the follow-on. There is no way America is going to get… men into space.

Right now we are going to have to hitch a ride, to beg a ride, to rent a ride on the Russian Soyuz. It’s an incredibly irony. We left them in the dust in the moon race, and now we are a supplicant — and the Russians, having a monopoly, are tripling the price of what we’re going to pay to put an astronaut into low Earth orbit.

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