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Krauthammer’s Take

From Friday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On President Obama’s continued push for a “big deal” that will extend the debt ceiling through next year:

All of the options [Obama has proposed] — all of them will go beyond Election Day. There are no options he’ll accept, and he said it openly — he will not accept any debt-ceiling increase and cuts which stop short of Election Day. The only reason he says that is because it will hurt him politically if he goes into an election and has to do it [raising the debt ceiling] again.

I think the Republicans ought to pass a clean, easy bill without amending the Constitution. Spending cuts only. The American people will accept it. … It could be half a trillion, it could be a few hundred billion that will get you into the short-term — and to dare the president to put the country in default on the basis of ‘I won’t accept anything short. I only want something that will serve me on Election Day.’

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