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From Thursday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On President Obama’s vacation on Martha’s Vineyard:

His problem about this is not the choice of time, the length of vacation. It’s the choice of place. I think everybody understands a president, any chief executive, has to have time off. And they wouldn’t begrudge him.

But, as an example, if he had chosen to spend it at Camp David, which is not exactly a Marine boot camp, it’s got all the amenities — it’s understood, it’s a place where a president goes. Eisenhower spent a lot of time there. In fact it’s named after his grandson. Presidents go there, everybody accepts it. It wouldn’t have been an issue.

But choosing an exclusive enclave like the Vineyard after spending three days on the road railing against the rich and the wealthy and the millionaires and the billionaires and the corporate jet owners who vacation exactly in the same place — and then spending ten days in their company — speaks of a kind of dissonance or hypocrisy.

You know, the Vineyard doesn’t have any bridges to it. You either get there on a ferry in your Maserati, or on a jet or a helicopter. It’s not exactly where ordinary folks will take a vacation.

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