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From Friday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On Dick Cheney’s criticisms of Bush administration officials in his memoir:

I must say about Condoleezza Rice: It looks as if Qaddafi had a warmer relationship with her — at least he thought so in his own head — than Dick Cheney did.

I’m not surprised at all [about Cheney’s criticisms]. Cheney was a model of discretion, as a number two has to be in the White House. That’s why the president trusted him. He gave his counsel in quiet. And now he speaks. He waited one full term after the Bush presidency. …

He is the most maligned political figure probably since Richard Nixon– not just a man who got opposition and criticism, but who was considered a man of malignant evil … He took a lot of slings and arrows, and I think he has a right [to respond].

I haven’t read the book. In the words of a famous historian who was asked if she’d read a book, she said: Yes, but not personally.

I haven’t read it [the Cheney book] personally. I’ve seen the quotes. But I’m not surprised. This is his one shot at setting the record straight the way he sees it. I’m sure heads will explode.

On whether Marco Rubio will be the GOP vice presidential candidate in 2012:

He checks all the boxes. We saw his charm. He’s got the right ideology. He’s well spoken. And he’s got a great story, second generation immigrant. I mean, he gives a story of hope and restoration, which would be I think his theme. I think he’s prohibitively the favorite for number two. And at the very least he’ll be the keynote speaker if he’s not going to be number two.

On the panelists’ preparations for Hurricane Irene:

Look, I spent a fortune on a generator this winter. I want to amortize it. I have mixed feelings about this hurricane — let’s see if that machine works.

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