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From Wednesday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On the dispute over scheduling of President Obama’s jobs speech Wednesday or Thursday:

As long as it isn’t on Tuesday, when Stephen Strasburg is going to return to pitch, any day is OK with me. …

When Jay Carney says: And “I can honestly say” that this was only a coincidence, that the original scheduling would land on the Republican debate — you’ve got to ask yourself, how much are they paying him? And whatever it is, it’s not enough.

I think the Boehner letter was probably ill-advised, because if he had just accepted this, the president would look small for stepping on the debate. Secondly, I think the Republicans could easily have moved the debate to 9 o’clock, and then had eight people on the stage with a gang-up on Obama — essentially the biggest response to a presidential speech ever done, rather than one person in a room with a camera, which never stands up to the majesty and the grandeur of a presidential speech in Congress.

It would have been an opportunity to rebut the president with all guns firing.

On the AFL-CIO’s plan to set up a super PAC, and more broadly unions’ plans for 2012:

Labor wants to use the super PAC to help them particularly at the state level. They really understand that the threat to their movement is happening at the state level.

For example, in Wisconsin, everybody looked at the change in negotiation powers that the public-sector unions had. But the provision that was the most deadly, and that labor really hates, is the fact that in Wisconsin as of now the government will no longer collect the dues of … government workers.

When that happened in Indiana, the government workers’ union melted away. It lost about nine out of every ten of its members. If that happens on a mass scale at the state level, these unions are going to disappear.

So, they want to allocate the money now, a lot of it, at the state level where … their actual continued existence is really at stake.

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