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Krauthammer’s Take

From Wednesday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

 On the current state of the GOP race and the startling results from the latest Fox News poll:

I think the dynamic of the race has been the same for months now. The dynamic is that Romney is out there. He is the tortoise, slow and steady — his support hovering between a quarter and fifth of the electorate. People come and make a run at him. The first was Bachmann who did well in the first debate, did well in Iowa up to an including the Iowa straw poll. Then she sinks like a stone — largely because the second one who takes a run at Romney enters the race, namely, Perry. He comes in not only even with Romney but ahead by 14 in the first poll. And now he has sunk back, clearly as a result of the debate performances.

And now we have a third run — by Cain who comes out of the pack, triples his support, and wins the Florida straw poll by a large margin. He does well in the Orlando debate. Now we will see if he can sustain it. But that is the rhythm of the race.

On Chris Christie and lack of enthusiasm for Romney:

That’s why you get a run [Bachmann] and a run [Perry] and a run [Cain] and why people are dreaming of Chris Christie and Paul Ryan and… Mitch Daniels. Everybody is waiting for the knight on the white horse.

I heard of a dispatch from Denmark that Hamlet is thinking of changing his registration and running as a Republican.

On the concern for the global economy as the Eurozone situation intensifies:

The good news is Greece passed a property tax. The bad news is that in Greece people don’t pay taxes. It’s a more voluntary activity in Greece than anywhere else in the West.

The real issue is will Germany do the bailout? That is what everything hinges on. Remember, West Germany bailed out East Germany at the cost of trillions, so it’s already done it once. Now it will have to bail out southern Europe. They aren’t even Germans.

In the end, they have to do it because they will sink or swim together.

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