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Krauthammer’s Take

From Thursday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On the disparity in the polls between Republicans and Democrats about Obama’s job performance:

The really significant disparity occurs if you compare the excitement and enthusiasm that Democrats had for Obama in 2008, when he was near messianic, to now where he has a record and is rather mortal. He was almost entirely unknown [in 2008] and had lightning in a bottle. That is never going to happen again. He has a record now and it’s a bad one….

But I think even worse for Obama than the decline of intensity of support among Democrats — because after all, where they are going to go; they’ll be out there for him — is the number on independents [supporting Obama]. The number is staggeringly bad — 31 percent of independents.

Obama won the [2008] election on basis of independents. The first hint of trouble came in the off-year election at end of 2009, Virginia and New Jersey, where the independents in states that had gone Obama went two-one against [the Democrats]. In the Senate race for the so-called Kennedy seat in January of 2010, independents went three to one against… Democrats. If Obama cannot rise from the 31 percent approval he has among independents, he is going to suffer a landslide.

On whether the Solyndra ordeal is going to impact Obama in the polls:

 I think it might because people will grant that Obama he may not be a good manager but at least he is acting in good faith. If you get a scandal in which it looks like they’re covering up and they’re corrupt, I think that is going to undo that narrative.

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