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Thursday, January 12, 2012

On how Bain will influence the Republican race:

Apart from what the Republican opponents of Romney can do, Obama, who already has a quarter of a billion dollars, will have all the research in the world, and they will locate a company or two or three and they will locate hundreds of people who lost jobs. You already see it in the 27-minute video that Gingrich is running though his super PAC, indirectly.

And I think the story of… this race is the Bain story, how it exploded and monopolized the campaign. If… the [Romney] lead is shrinking, it’s a result of the Bain issue. It hit late in New Hampshire so it didn’t really have an effect.

But let’s imagine — if this is going to really bring him down in a Republican state, conservative state, imagine what he will do in a general election when there are independents and Democrats who aren’t heartily inclined toward capitalism in the first place. So I think this is a real challenge for Romney…. If Romney doesn’t have a good answer, a good way to deflect it and a good story that he can tell, this is a warning.

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