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Friday, January 13, 2012

 On whether the upcoming Myrtle Beach debate will change the dynamic in South Carolina:

I do [think it will change the dynamic] because I think the Bain Capital issue will be on the table there. That will be a chance for Romney to show that he has something to say… Until now, the Romney response — “this is an attack on capitalism” — hasn’t worked.

He has to [give] a stronger answer in the debate. The issue we know is the one that Obama will use. It’s either a poison or inoculation.

On the latest Gingrich ad attacking Romney:

But on the last Gingrich ad, I was simply shocked. It’s one thing if you accuse an opponent of raping and pillaging to enriching yourself. But accusing a guy speaking French, that is a low blow. The next thing you know he will say that Romney eats snails.

On President Obama’s request, made Friday, to consolidate and streamline federal agencies:

This is example #17 of an issue he chose for electoral purposes.

This, at best, is going to cut 1,000 jobs in the federal government. He, himself, has increased the number of [federal] employees by 139,000. And the [number] of the nonmilitary portion of federal employees is 2.7 million. This will reduce it by a third of a tenth of one percent — and for that, he gives a big speech.

On the US Coast Guard’s recent revision of ferry capacity regulations because of increased weight of passengers:

How huge are we getting where you have to have ship captains worrying about capsizing?

Next time we have a Titanic, the captain will be able to invoke an entirely new kind of a Twinkie defense.

Does Tim Tebow have a direct line to God?

Yes, he told me so. God, that is. But in a written statement.

Look, I love this guy. I love this story. I think the best element of it is the secular types are getting all in a twist over him. Relax, enjoy it. …

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