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From Fox’s Special Report with Bret Baier Friday, January 27, 2012

On the GOP debate held last Thursday in Jacksonville:

I think the winner on points is Santorum. He had a great night…. The weakest moment Romney has was when Santorum went after him like a prosecutor on the issue of Obamacare and Romneycare. After 18 debates, somebody finally placed the issue in front of Romney in a way that was so stark and clear [that] he didn’t have a good answer. It surprised [me] that it took 18 debates, but that was the moment….

The problem for Santorum is he [vs. Paul] was the undercard. He really is not — he is going home to his home state. He is not going to be in Florida tomorrow. He has given up on it….

But the main event was Romney-Gingrich. In that bout it was no mas. There was a moment that Gingrich asked for a truce… and Romney said: No! You said something … the other day about [my] offshore accounts and now you don’t want to talk about it?

Romney insisted on the bout continuing. That was an important moment….

[Gingrich] looked uncertain. And Romney had assurance. That was the key. A week ago — on [the issue of] his wealth and on attacking Gingrich — [Romney] looked hesitant, looked as if he was hiding stuff. In South Carolina, in the debates… when he attacked Gingrich, he looked like a guy showing up to a street fight in three-piece suit and sort of feeling it’s beneath him.

[In Florida], he went after Gingrich with energy and assurance. That is what I think swayed the crowd.

On Gingrich’s pledge to establish an American lunar colony by the end of his second term:

Look, as you know, I’m a moon guy. I believe in the space program and I would have hoped that Obama hadn’t canceled Constellation which would have had us with at least return trip by 2020. But having a base with 1,000 people on it really is out there. I think that the reason it hurts Newt is it plays in the stereotype of a guy who has ideas that are out there…

he might have jumped the shark with this one.

On Egypt’s refusal to let six Americans leave the country:

It’s puzzling. The only explanation is the military thinks the future is in alliance with the Islamists who won huge majorities in the parliament. And these pesky liberal urbanites who started the revolution — who get less than 10 percent of the vote — are an irritant because those guys go out in the street and demonstrate for a quicker [democratic transition] process, whereas the Islamists are patient and willing to share power with the military.

So they [the ruling military] are trying to crack down on these liberals, and the Americans and others who help them. Otherwise, it [the crackdown] makes no sense at all.

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