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From Special Report with Bret Baier Thursday, February 23, 2012

On President Obama’s calls for increased alternative energy research:

… I was impressed by the president’s analysis of this situation where we have no control over the global price of oil. We’re depending on oil from unfriendlies. And he says… drilling for oil to relieve our dependency is not a solution or a plan. He said we have to go to clean energy. He talked about something really revolutionary today: algae. A $14 million grant for the development of algae [was announced].

So it’s not oil. His solution is algae. And because we know the secretary of energy is a physicist who won the Nobel Prize, the president, knowing all this stuff, said one reason we should do this is because “we can grow algae here in the United States.”

It happens that algae will grow anywhere on earth! I looked it up while I was away [the past] three days.

I wasn’t just tanning. I did research.

It grows in oceans, in lakes and ponds, your swimming pool when the pool man is on vacation, in the soil, on the soil, on turtle, sloths, the bark of trees, and rocks.

Why are we drilling for oil? We are the Saudi Arabia of rocks. We have a mountain range called the Rockies — and we are allowing ourselves to be dominated by the oil producers?

I think he is on to something here that is truly revolutionary. Why build a Keystone Pipeline with real oil from Canada to put in real refineries and put in real existing cars when you can do algae?

I think he is on to something. And I think this shows the vision, the hope and change he promised in 2008.


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