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From Special Report with Bret Baier | Wednesday, February 29, 2012

On Mitt Romney’s criticism of Rick Santorum for making robocall appeals to Michigan Democrats:

Romney is calling this a dirty trick. There were robo-calls the day before the election from the Santorum campaign to encourage Democrats to vote.

I don’t think it’s a dirty trick. It’s a trick. If the primary is open to the other side. Why not? You are allowed to bring in the other side.

But the interesting result comes from the exit polls: You find among those who voted, [those who] strongly support the tea party, Santorum… is up by 10 points. But then of those who oppose the tea party, Santorum is again up by 16 points.

If Jon Huntsman is one who won half of the Democrats, you would say that’s reasonable. He’s a moderate. Santorum is no moderate. He ran as the most conservative guy in the field. What he got was the Democrats that did mischief and went into the ballot presumably to hurt Romney, prolong the process, and thus play with the process.

It’s not a dirty trick, but it is an interesting, unusual result. And it did inflate the Santorum numbers by up to five percent, perhaps three percent or so. So a very narrow defeat would have been slightly wider had this not happened.

On the “Leap Day Deal” — North Korea’s pledge to stop missile tests and uranium enrichment in exchange for humanitarian aid:

Leap day deal? It’s a fool’s deal.

On two counts. Number one, we know they are going to cheat. Every time we had an agreement with them going back to the Clinton agreement called the “Framework Agreement,” we provide real stuff — a quarter of a million tons of badly needed food which the regime needs in order that it survive. We give them real stuff and we get in return promises — every single one of them over two decades, that they have not kept.

[Today,] they set up violations in advance. They have actually said today that they will only carry out the agreement “as long as talks proceed fruitfully.” So that means at any time they can stand up and walk out and say we’re obstructing — and break all agreements.

But the second part is worse. Even if they adhere to the agreements, this [deal] is completely useless. All it does is stop uranium enrichment. But they have uranium and a plutonium program. The plutonium is untouched, and that is the program that actually has produced the nukes that the North Koreans have today. So it proceeds apace. There is no change at all.

I think it is just a nice, soothing headline for an administration in an election year… an election-year gimmick. I don’t think it advances anything.

We’re not testing the new leader. …. He is not in control. It’s the generals. If you are a general why wouldn’t you accept food you need to prop up the regime — and offer essentially nothing?

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