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From Super Tuesday Primary Coverage | Fox News Channel, March 6, 2012, 11:10PM

On the outcome of Tuesday night’s primaries:

Ohio determines who gets the headlines tomorrow…. But it doesn’t change the big picture, which is that Romney, slow and steady and collecting the delegates with the wins he’s winning, is a relatively weak frontrunner. I mean, look where he won, tonight: Massachusetts and Vermont, home court. That’s like Gingrich winning Georgia. That’s like [Steve] Hayes winning Wisconsin.

Virginia was… a default, and he didn’t get 60 percent of the vote running alone against Ron Paul. He’s going to win … in Idaho and then he has this unbelievable squeaker in Ohio.

Now, he’ll say, “You know, I didn’t win by much, but I won by enough,” which is what he said in Michigan where he won by only three percent. But, it tells you that every time he’s got a chance to close the deal, and he has the one opportunity, it doesn’t really happen.

After he ties in Iowa and he wins in New Hampshire, he gets slaughtered in South Carolina.

He wins in Florida, and then loses on the seventh of February, three states, to Santorum.

He wins in Michigan and Arizona. And here was his night where he could have delivered a blow.

Now, I admit that, winning Ohio, it’ll be said he had a really good night, but, it tells you [something] when you outspent the opponent by as much as he outspent Santorum, and it’s a state that he could have won easily and he [only] squeaks it out.

He is the frontrunner, he picks up all of the delegates, but he is not a strong frontrunner you’d like to see if you’re a Republican and you’re seeing how the field is slipping vis à vis Obama in the national polls.

On the state of the race following Super Tuesday:

Ron Paul will show up [in Tampa] come hell or high water. Newt, I’m not sure he’s got a pass, I mean, everything he talks about is a Southern strategy, but we’re a national country. You can’t win with only victories in the South.

You know, outside of his home state, he went 0-9 tonight, and he finished in some places, way behind everybody… in Ron Paul territory.

And then you got Santorum, and I think he showed his strength, he got a kind of a moral victory, even if he loses by a squeaker in Ohio; he’s tough, but it’s hard to see that he’s got enough to make it. I think he’s stays in because he figures it’s only matter of weeks, probably until Gingrich drops out. And then he gets the mano-a-mano….

Romney [is] on his way. But it’s going to be a painful, long trip. And he gets weaker, not stronger, I think, with every week.

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