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From last night’s “All-Stars.”

On Nancy Pelosi’s press conference:

Well, her news conference today was an utter disaster. She was nervous. She was shifty. Her syntax was incomprehensible. And there were times when she had had to refer to her original statement because she couldn’t remember what the current truth — her current truth was.

It reminds me of a line in a Graham Greene novel in which a spy says “I prefer to tell the truth. It’s easier to memorize.” Well, she didn’t have it memorized. You had a sense that if you’d attached a lie detector to her in that news conference, it would have short circuited.

Look, her problem was this. She was internally contradictory with one point. Within 30 seconds she contradicted her own statement on what she had heard from her staff in February ‘03. She was contradicted by the evidence of others like Porter Goss.

Her charge of the CIA lying to her is utterly implausible. Why would it lie to her and tell all the others the truth? It makes no sense at all.

And it was refuted by the black and white Obama CIA memo, not a memo out of the prince of darkness Bush and Cheney, but the Obama CIA, which showed that in the briefing in which she says that they were told none of this simulated drowning occurred, they specifically had told her about the enhancing interrogation techniques that had been used on a prisoner, obviously a month earlier.

You take all of that together, and what she said is utterly implausible. And the charge that the CIA lied to her is an extremely serious one. She is now at war with the CIA, and it has the means, by leaking selectively, of destroying her, and I suspect it will do that.

On what the Obama administration plans to do with Guantanamo detainees:

Our problem is the ones who are untriable and un- releasable.

And these are the wages of hypocrisy and demagoguery. Obama grandstanded on this and on rendition and on military commissions and on eavesdropping, on a host of issues, including Guantanamo, for over a year. Democrats attacked the Bush administration for raping the constitution.

Now, all of a sudden, Democrats have discovered how exquisitely complicated are these issues, and how in retrospect, it is obvious that the Bush administration made fine distinctions, difficult choices, and, by keeping us safe for seven and a half years, successful ones.

Well, now Obama has to face Gitmo, which — look, if the inmates are not going to be in Gitmo, they’re either going to be in foreign countries or in the United States. There are no allies who will take them. They will not end up in the United States. And Obama has pledged to close Gitmo.

I think the most likely outcome is they’re going to end up in a prison in the United States in a remote place, and Obama is going to take a huge political hit over that.

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