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From Special Report with Bret Baier | Friday, April, 13, 2012

On North Korea’s failed launch of a satellite/ballistic missile:

The one person on earth you don’t want to be tonight is the head of the nuclear ballistic missile program, assuming he’s alive at this late date — one day after the failure.

But I have to comment on “stronger adjectives” the administration has been issuing. I think the language itself has been getting, if you can believe it, even flabbier. Here’s a statement in Washington by the G8 [Friday]. “We are ready to consider, with others, taking measures responding to the launch.”

Meaning: “We’re not going to respond. We’re going to consider responding. But we’re not going to consider responding yet. We’re ready to consider responding, perhaps, but only with others.”

That means “if the Chinese will join us,” which of course they won’t. So: “We’re not even ready to consider responding.”

It’s preposterous and it’s embarrassing.

The fact is, it isn’t as if we are entirely helpless here. The administration says we’re not going ahead with food aid. Of course we aren’t. But what it should say is that the agreement is cancelled and they’ll never have it again out of this administration.

And the idea that you can’t influence China which holds all the cards — yes you can. All you have to do is say the U.S. will consult with Japan and South Korea about establishing a nuclear deterrent by the friendly countries in the region as a way to counter the nuclear weapons in the hands of the rogue state of North Korea. I can assure you the Chinese will respond very quickly at the words “nuclear Japan.”

On a North Korean’s refugee’s remark in a recent Fox News report that he “felt no emotion” as his mother and brother were publicly executed:

Karen Elliott House, the foreign affairs writer for the Wall Street Journal for many years, wrote 15 or 20 years ago that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq is a prison, but North Korea is a beehive. And that means Iraq was a normal tyranny — oppression, torture, and killing. But Pyongyang sucks the humanity out of its citizens in a way that’s almost unbelievable. We saw it in that young man who said he turned in his mother and brother and watched them executed and felt nothing.

On the fallout from revelations of mismanagement and overspending at the General Services Administration:

I think it will hurt the administration even though it has nothing to do with the administration itself — the last one or this one. It’s a chronic issue.

But the Democrats learned decades ago to stop using the word “spend” and use the word “invest.” The next time you hear the president speaking about investing, ask him about investing in clown suits, bikes, tuxedos, and mind readers. And ask if America wants to invest in that.

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