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From Special Report with Bret Baier | Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On Mitt Romney’s use of spending and the national debt as a campaign issue:

I think it’s a good strategy. (A) because you can see people . . . have this sort of innate sense that you can’t keep spending, borrowing Chinese money and it’s going to end up well. People know that. It’s a question of where is the limit?

I think the other part of this is that people are beginning to understand — and I think Romney is trying to make the case — [connecting] the debt to the rest of the weakness of the economy. It’s not just out there as a separate issue. But it’s something that weakens the economy and makes it harder for us grow.

And lastly, there’s stuff hovering on the horizon. Everybody is hearing about the problems in Greece and in Europe. It really is becoming acute. The Greeks had an election. They’re going to have to have a second election. It’s obvious. They have no government that can stick with the [austerity] plan that they had promised the EU . . . 

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