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From Special Report with Bret Baier | Thursday, July 5, 2012

On President Obama’s campaign tour through Ohio and Pennsylvania highlighting the administration’s trade complaint against China:

Every time you have a presidential year, the president and/or the opponents will start to beat up on the foreigners, preferably Asian. Remember, you go way back, John Connolly 1980. It was Japan before. Now it’s China. He [Connolly] said he would raise tariffs on the Japanese to the point the Japanese would watch their Toyotas rotting in the harbor. So this is not new.

But remember, Obama is the guy who usually acts as a citizen of the world, the guy who goes to Berlin and gives speeches there. And in San Francisco four years ago, where he thought nobody was listening, [he spoke] of the unwashed who live in Middle America of “fearing the other” — clinging to God and guns and fearing the other. Well, he is the guy who is now working on the “fear of the other” rather well.

On allegations that the U.N.’s World Intellectual Property Organization transferred computer equipment to Iran and North Korea in violation of trade sanctions:

Business as usual [for the UN]….

Here is a U.N. agency working against itself, giving this stuff to rogue states. We’re not sure why – either negligence, stupidity, perhaps malice. But that is how the U.N. runs entirely: negligence or stupidity or malice.

Look at the U.N. Human Rights Council. Who sat on it? Gaddafi’s Libya sat on it. Saudi Arabia today sits on it. You can’t have a church or a synagogue or a bible in Saudi Arabia. It sits on the U.N. Human Rights Council.

And where does the money come from for WIPO, for the U.N. and everything? A fifth of it is American. Overwhelmingly all the money is from the industrialized west.

We are subsidizing an entire structure, with a legion of organizations, all of whom are negligent, stupid, or malicious, and who issue resolutions, publications, committees, which are almost exclusively anti-western, anti-liberal democratic, anti-American, anti-Semitic. It is the center of that thinking in the world.

And why we subsidize it, why we stay in it is beyond me. I wrote a quarter a century ago that we should leave, take our money, and kick it out of New York so it can meet, I don’t know, in Kinshasa, or somewhere. We’ll see how many diplomats show up there. It becomes irrelevant and it withers away.

On John Bolton’s suggestion that if U.N. headquarters in New York, which has 38 floors, lost 10 floors, it would make no difference.

 If it lost ten stories, it would be improved.

It’s inherently a corrupt organization because it’s a sandbox of dictators. It began as something essentially run by the Western democracies and it ran somewhat efficiently  the first decade or so. Then you had decolonization. You ended up with 100, 150 countries, very few of whom are democratic. It is a playpen of dictators. And they run it that way. And the idea that they would use it for anything other than to promote authoritarianism and to attack the West is a fiction.

It will always be this way because it’s a universal organization. The alternative is to form a league of democracies… which over a generation or two would take over the functions and the stature of the U.N.

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