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From Special Report with Bret Baier | Friday, July 6, 2012

On the political fallout of Friday’s jobs report:

Romney’s inability to bring home that it’s [the administration] that’s responsible — and not the crisis in Europe or [the Japan] tsunami or earthquake or… [alleged] outsourcing by Romney in the 1990s — is incomprehensible. If he can’t make the argument, he doesn’t deserve to win the election…

Romney’s problem is not just that he doesn’t know how to deliver a message or that he is not charismatic. I think the way to put it is he simply hasn’t been ideological enough. This is a center-right country. This is a country that two years ago threw out the Democrats — without any [Republican] leadership, without any charismatic speeches over issues like Obamacare, the increase in the size of the government, and the debt. It [the ideological argument] is sitting out there. The American people do not want the expansion of government and European social democracy. We know that. We just saw it.

There hasn’t been a radical change in the electorate. Romney has to make the case — not just “I know how to do jobs and create them because I did it at Bain.”… He wants this [election] to be [about] biography and it’s not enough.

On whether Republicans should still run on opposition to the 2010 health care reform:

This is a slam dunk. Of course you attack on this. It won in 2010. Who cares if people say move on? You make the case and they will listen. And the case is economic, number one, and second, ideological — expansion of government and all the other stuff around that.

And I think to make it, Romney has to stop being obsessed with the idea that he is vulnerable because of what happened in Massachusetts. Ignore that. Who cares what he did seven or eight years ago? Attack on what’s happening today and what will happen in 2014 when the bill is implemented.

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