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From last night’s “All-Stars.”

On Sotomayor’s defense of her “wise Latina” speech:

Well, she had a tough brief. She had to defend the indefensible. That statement is indefensible. She knows it, and that’s why she contradicts it and pretends that anybody who reads her words as they were originally said is misunderstanding her. They are understanding her perfectly well.

What I found disappointing is how the Republicans backed off. I thought Sessions had a pretty good attack–he’s the ranking Republican, and I thought he was the most on message.

Lindsay Graham, who was one of the leading Republicans, I thought, was disappointing. He had her on the ropes a couple of times, particularly on this issue, and also on issues of indefinite detentions of combatants in a war, also on the funding of abortion.

But it looked as if he had a checklist he had to fill out. And as she stumbled, he moved on, and he let her off the hook.

But her main issue is that she is a believer in identity politics. And to say as she did in that clip “judge me on my record” is, again, disingenuous.

As a lower court judge, her record of actions are constrained by precedent and the law. Once she is on the Supreme Court, she is unconstrained, un-tethered, and she will act on her beliefs. And you know her beliefs from what she said.

And it [the superior judgment of the wise Latina] wasn’t only a flourish said once. She said it about six times. And she had it published in a law journal article. That’s a statement of who she is, and that’s who she is going to be on the bench.

On how the ballooning deficit will affect Obama’s agenda:

I think Obama is misreading the mood of the country.

Look, he was a genius last year at reading the mood of the country. That’s how he got elected–hope and change and newness and novelty, and all that. And he understood that the American people are willing to spend trillions as a way to undo a recession or to get out of unemployment.

But they are not willing to risk the budget and future high interest rates and perhaps a collapse of the currency on radical social experiments like health care or cap-and-trade and energy.

So he got it [deficit spending] on stimulus. He got everything he wanted on stimulus. He got almost $1 trillion dollars, and the problem is it has had no results.

So it has hurt him in two ways: (a) it has increased the deficit to the point where he would be adding on to it with health care and cap-and-trade. And secondly, it proves he is not infallible, which, to a lot of Democrats, has come as a shock. And they are now in quiet recovery.

And I think that’s really going to hurt him. It’s going to make the health care agenda and the energy agenda extremely hard to pass.

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