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Krauthammer’s Take: Obama’s Foreign Policy Is ‘Make It Look as if Something Is Happening’

President Obama knows sending 50 special ops forces into Syria won’t accomplish anything, but doing so gives the appearance of having a foreign policy, Charles Krauthammer charged tonight on Fox News’s Special Report

“Five years into this civil war and you have done nothing,” Krauthammer said. By announces he’s sending in a limited number of soldiers, Obama is trying to ”give the appearance of motion — make it look as if something is happening so at least he can issue statements.” 

“The Russians and Iranians have shown they will do something,” Krauthammer continued. “Obama shown over and over again, 50 special ops in this vast Kurdish area, everybody knows it’s a joke. And the irony is, the Turks have been attacking our Kurdish allies in that enclave, which is why we can’t do a fly zone.” 

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