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Krauthammer’s Take: Obama Has the Saudis Reconsidering Their Friendship With the U.S.

The Obama administration’s generous outreach to Iran is causing Saudi Arabia, a key American ally, to reconsider its friendship with the U.S., Charles Krauthammer said Tuesday night.

“The Saudis, remember — and all the Gulf Arabs — are rich and very weak,” Krauthammer said. “Iran is very strong militarily, on the threshold of going nuclear and very aggressive . . . clearly what they see is the U.S. heading for a kind of a détente, an accommodation which will give to the regime in Iran legitimacy, permanence, and stability.

“For the Saudis — seeing the Iranians as their mortal enemy — it has to make them wonder what kind of friend is the United States and can they survive the American friendship,” he warned.

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