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Krauthammer’s Take: Obama Keystone Veto Threat Is Obama ‘Unleashed’

President Obama has threatened to veto the Keystone XL pipeline — and that should come as no surprise, says Charles Krauthammer.

“This entire analysis of Obama is completely wrong, the idea that he’s edging over here, he’s maneuvering. The guy is unleashed,” said Krauthammer on Tuesday’s Special Report. “He’s in the fourth quarter. He’s never running again. The reason he’s doing X, Y, Z is not because he needs the greens or he’s working his way to the left or the right. He doesn’t need anybody. This is Obama the way he really is.”

Continued Krauthammer: “I’ve argued for six years: This is a man of the Left, he’s always been the most leftist American president in at least a century. But in the years in which he was still running again, in which he still had a Congress he needed re-elect[ed], he maneuvered, he dissimulated, and he disguised it.

“He doesn’t disguise anything now. Cuba he does, he gets nothing in return, he enrages many people, even in his own party — he doesn’t care. Keystone is open and shut: It’s 70 percent of the American people [in support], a majority of the Senate, a supermajority of the Senate, a lot of Democrats. He doesn’t care. This is a man who can now act the way he believes, and he’s doing it.”

“So all of this talk about cooperation, about getting things done, about moving things forward,” asked host Brett Baier, “you think it’s all garbage?”

“It’s all garbage,” Krauthammer replied, “and we will see it unfold.”

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