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Krauthammer’s Take: Obama Is Living in a Fantasy World

President Obama simply doesn’t understand international relations, and that’s why Russian president Vladamir Putin had the gumption to invade Ukraine, Charles Krauthammer explained on Special Report tonight. “To invade Crimea is a huge step and he would only have done it with a president who has shown from the very beginning that he’s living in a fantasy world,” Krauthammer said.

Obama began his presidency declaring that no nation can or should dominate another. On Sunday, Secretary of State John Kerry said that Russia committed a “19th century action in a 21st century world.” “They imagine the world as a new interconnected world where climate change is the biggest threat, and they are shocked that the Russians are actually interested in territory” Krauthammer said.

It’s as if Obama believes that a world “where government’s pursue expansion, territory, domination, no longer exist in this century, as if that hasn’t been a constant in all of human history since Hannibal,” Krauthammer said.

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