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Krauthammer’s Take: Obama Views Terrorism as ‘the Background Noise of Our Time’

Despite proclaiming defeating ISIS is his “top priority,” President Obama doesn’t actually view the terror group as a threat, Charles Krauthammer said tonight. 

“What he said in Argentina – ‘this is a top priority’ — everybody understands that’s a farce,” Krauthammer said on Wednesday’s Special Report. “He doesn’t believe a word of it. He says it by rote. Because he knows he’s supposed to say it.”

“He thinks it is the background noise of our time,” Krauthammer continued. ”He has said this openly in interviews. The reason everybody is exercised is because the media is hyping it. He says, if it bleeds, it leads, so people are afraid as a result of media ratings.”

However, the public is rightly worried, Krauthammer continued: “People are justly afraid. And that under his watch, ISIL has gone from nonexistence to now having a presence in at least nine countries, having a safe haven, and having the capacity in one week an attack in West Africa in the Ivory Coast, an attack in Turkey, an attack in Brussels. That’s a threat and he does not believe it is.”

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