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Krauthammer’s Take: Obamacare Delays are ‘Completely Lawless’

“It’s unbelievably hypocritical,” Charles Krauthammer said in reference to the latest Obamacare delay announced by the president yesterday. “Remember when Republicans were trying to change the law legally and constitutionally in Congress? They were accused of being terrorists, they were taking the country hostage when they were saying, ‘Let’s amend the law as written.’”

Instead of amending Obamacare via legal means, President Obama has altered it by fiat, “which is completely lawless,” Krauthammer said. All of these delays — 27 in total — are meant to help Democrats in the coming elections, not to make it easier for small businesses, who have already had four years to prepare for the law, Krauthammer explained.

“If it ever reaches the Supreme Court,” he said,  “I think this kind of thing will be struck down and heavily criticized.”

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