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Krauthammer’s Take: Obamacare Will Hurt Democrats ‘Irreparably’

Twenty-five percent of Americans say that their family is worse off under the new health-care law, and this spells trouble for the Democrats, according to Charles Krauthammer.

“This isn’t a normal issue where you approve or disapprove and thus you might support the party on your side of it,” he said. “Health care, unlike any other issue, is a very intimate subject in your life and one that effects everyone equally.”

Having 25 percent of the population saying they are worse off is like “throwing a dart at a map of the United States and everywhere you get a quarter of the population  who have been personally hurt,” Krauthammer said. Being personally hurt largely effects peoples’ votes, he explained.

“As it progresses, more and more people are going to be effected, particularly as the employer mandate kicks in over time and people lose jobs and lose hours and lose their coverage,” Krauthammer said. “That’s where the Democrats are going to get hurt irreparably.”

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