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Krauthammer’s Take: Obama’s ‘100 Percent Knee Jerk Reaction’ Came ‘When Bodies Still Warm’

Charles Krauthammer called it “premature” for President Obama to call for new gun laws in the immediate aftermath of today’s mass shooting in Oregon. 

“I don’t doubt that the president’s statement was 100 percent sincere and 100 percent knee-jerk,” Krauthammer said on Thursday’s Special Report. “He has no idea what the gun is, how it was obtained, who the person is, and what the person’s motive is.”

“What does he do if it turns out he was a terrorist?” Krauthammer asked. “We don’t know whether it is or not and to make a pronouncement at this time when – I hate to say it, the bodies are still warm and the wound reasonable doubt now in surgery — I think is at least premature.”

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