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Krauthammer’s Take: Obama’s Syria Response ‘Preposterous’

President Obama’s response to Syria’s use of chemical weapons is “preposterous,” says Charles Krauthammer.

“I think there is an unbelievable disconnect between the seriousness of the situation on the ground, what is happening right now,” Krauthammer said, “and the lack of seriousness in the presidential response.” The shelling of Aleppo and other large-scale military actions within Syria are increasing the devastation as we speak, he observed. “And what does the president do after the ‘red line’ is crossed? . . . He says he’s going to send small arms and bullets. This is preposterous.”

Responding to the State Department’s assurance that the president will “change his calculus,” Krauthammer said, “It’s not about him and his ‘calculus’; it’s about our national interest and are you going to change the course of the war? If you aren’t, you should do nothing. The only reason he’s doing this is so that he will appear to have done something and honored the red line while actually doing nothing.”

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