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Krauthammer’s Take: Obama’s Syria Strategy Suffers from Classic Liberal Thinking

President Obama’s Syria strategy suffers the “chronic liberal idea” of measuring inputs but not outputs, Charles Krauthammer said tonight.

Commenting on the president’s interview with NPR’s Steve Inskeep, in which the president blamed cable TV for Americans’ belief his foreign policy is failing, Krauthammer called Obama’s comments “arrogant.” 

“He never admits his policy is wrong,” Krauthammer said during an appearance on Fox News’s Special Report. “It’s always that the American people are too uninformed to understand the brilliance of what he is doing”

Another problem with the president’s interview, Krauthammer contended, was “the sort of chronic liberal idea that you measure things by inputs, and not outputs. So many air strikes; so much body counts; so many actions on our part that’s irrelevant.”

“The fact is ISIS is growing, ISIS is expanding into other countries, reaching into the United States,” he said. ”What counts is outputs. The liberals always want to measure inputs and he can’t take that out of his head, even as commander-in-chief.”

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